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To Our Heroes In Blue: An Open Letter to the Men and Women of the Police Force


Thank you for honoring your oath to protect and serve, and continuing to put on the uniform that sadly has made you a target.

Thank you for walking the thin line between life and death to keep our streets, towns, and cities safe.

Thank you for doing right by even those who have done you wrong.

Thank you for risking your lives to protect ours, and for suffering inconveniences to defend civil liberties.

More importantly, thank you for risking your lives for those who misjudge you and villainize you.


Thank you for your selfless devotion to such a thankless job.

Thank you for holding law violators accountable to see that justice is served.

Thank you for staying humble and standing tall in the presence of barbaric protests and slanted media coverage against your own.

Thank you for acting with courage in the most extraordinary of circumstances.

Thank you for the sacrifice both you and your families make to protect and serve our communities.

Thank you for restoring our faith in humanity and peace in our minds.

Thank you for separating the good from the bad, and creating order amidst this recent unfathomable chaos.

Thank you for not surrendering to the taunts and threats brought against you.

Thank you for the countless moments of heroism that all too often go unnoticed.

Because you don’t hear it enough….thank you.



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