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Important Life Lessons from Classic Rom-Coms


Life is really easy. Especially when you’re either Julia Roberts or Meg Ryan.

My Best Friend’s Wedding


You can still be a likable protagonist while trying to ruin people’s lives by lying, scheming, and messing with their relationships for your own selfish reasons.



You can get guys to like you by dressing slutty and smoking cigarettes.

When Harry Met Sally


You can’t actually just be friends with a man. On the bright side, if you’re secretly in love with your best friend it’ll work out great and you’ll eat coconut cake at your wedding. With chocolate sauce. On the side.

Pretty Woman


If you have to resort to prostitution at any point in your life, don’t worry, a wealthy and good-looking man will come along and save you from your dire circumstances.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s


You can be vapid and extremely materialistic and still be absolutely charming. You don’t even need a job or any aspirations in life other than marrying rich. Abandoning your family and running away to New York City will lead to a glamorous life.

Never Been Kissed


If your High School teacher is acting into you, he totally is into you. Go for it.


While You Were Sleeping


If you’re obsessed with a guy who falls into a coma (what luck!), lie to his entire family and lead them to believe you’re his fiance. Then fall in love with his younger brother. You’ll all live happily ever after.



Stepbrothers are fair game.

Annie Hall


Relationships are like eggs. Or something. Whatever. Relationships are extremely complicated and New York is much better than Los Angeles. Also, fall in love with someone who has a summer house. Lobsters are romantic.

Sleepless in Seattle


Take a chance at romance with a complete stranger. Meet him at the top of the Empire State Building on Valentines Day because, duh, dramatic flair. He’ll probably turn out to be early 90’s Tom Hanks and not a serial killer.

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