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#LoveWins: My Difficult Announcement


Dear Friends and Family,

There is no easy way to share this with you. Lately, I have not been feeling myself. I have continually thought to myself, “Something doesn’t feel right.” I feel like I am in a constant state of denial. I sense that there is a hole in my heart, but no matter what I do, I remain incapable of filling it.

Every day, I go on pretending like nothing is wrong. People stop and ask me how I am doing, and though I may return with a polite, “Fine, how are you?” I am really not at all okay. It is hard to say when I started feeling this way, but I cannot go on lying to myself anymore.

This is especially difficult as I have yet to tell anyone about this. I haven’t told my closest friends, my family, not even my wife. If I am going to start the next chapter of my life, I want the entire world to know.

I am not sure how people will react. Some, I suspect, will embrace my life decision. My hope is that they will celebrate what I have done and carry me through this difficult transition. Others may not be so receptive. This is not something that is universally accepted. But, to those that simply cannot come to terms with this decision, I can only say that I hope we remain friends.

This all comes in light of a recent social shift here in the United States. I feel that I can now be myself without any fear of repercussion. I am ready for this decision. I am ready to stop the lies. I am ready to be myself.


I am ready to purchase Taylor Swift’s 1989 album. #LoveWins



The All-New Hunter Simmons

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