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You Missed Out by Not Bidding on this Game of Thrones Iron Throne Made of Dildos


Last week, the greatest item to ever be listed on eBay was sold, and we all missed out big time.

A replica of Game of Thrones‘ much-coveted Iron Throne sold for just over $1,000 to a lucky bidder. But this was not just any Iron Throne. This Iron Throne was unlike any other replica out there. Why? Because this Iron Throne is not adorned with swords. Instead, it is adorned with dildos. Check out the listing on eBay here.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.19.40 AM

Measuring 6 feet tall, 4 feet wide, and 3.5 inches deep, this epic Dildo Iron Throne was originally won by a man as part of a promotional contest from adult toymaker Bondara. Unfortunately for our favorite eBay seller, the Dildo Throne just took up too much space and he had to sell it. You can read the awesome backstory on the Dildo Throne here, if you are so inclined.

Unfortunately for most of us (myself included) we didn’t hear about the sale of the most epic Game of Thrones replica of all time until it was already too late. Tragically, only one bid was made on the Dildo Throne, so you could have easily swooped in and made it a bidding war that would have put the War of the Five Kings to shame.

But alas, we are all instead left to wonder about how incredibly life-changing it would have been to sit on the Dildo Iron Throne. Sadly, we will likely never know the joy that holding court on this magical throne could bring.

However, we can still appreciate the sheer awesomeness of the Dildo Iron Throne. We can still be happy that it exists. This is a real thing. We can only hope that one day the lucky eBay winner will be so kind as to sell the item again, this time with more fanfare, so that we can all have a chance to bid on an Iron Throne made of dildos.

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