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Why This Generation Needs to Stop Being So Sex Crazed


We have movies called “Friends With Benefits,” “No Strings Attached,” “Sex Drive,” etc., but why? These songs on the radio are all about sex and blowing and sucking and licking. Don’t get me wrong, I am a pleasure seeker myself. As humans, that is something normal for us. What isn’t normal, to me, is how much it is broadcasted. I like sex just as much as the next person, but what happened to being in a committed relationship where sex actually meant something?

Call me old fashioned or call me a hopeless romantic. Sex is supposed to be a beautiful thing between two people with emotional attachment. It brings two people closer in a different light. Your private parts are not supposed to be something that every one sees, then they would be called public parts, right?

People who want no strings attached are actually crazy. Yes, I myself was once crazy if you might ask. I came to the conclusion that that is probably impossible to do. People say that it is possible for the sole fact that they want a buddy to pal around with when nobody else is around. It’s basically putting someone as an option and NO I don’t ever want to be someone’s option. I know my worth enough to know I am a priority. When you are with someone with no strings attached, do you not realize that that person can do WHATEVER he/she wants with WHOEVER he/she wants, and then come back to you because they can–that sounds like herpes central. In my own opinion, it’s 100% different when you’re single and you kiss someone at a bar, and they kiss someone the next day, only because you have no ties with them. Even when you say “no strings attached” there still are those invisible ties whether you want to believe it or not.

I think the sex-craze has prevented people from getting involved in serious relationships, or it even harms relationships. Everyone is horny in this generation and nobody wants to settle down. When you settle down, it allows a whole new world to open up. I have friends that say that sex brings them closer to their partner and that is something I truly believe. Sex does bring you closer. Sex is something that is passionate and pleasurable…”f*cking” sounds dirty. I understand that people refer to sex as that one on one but I don’t want a guy saying “yeah I’m f*cking her”…I’d prefer sleeping with, having sex with, doing it with…

My point is this: I just wish that people would look at sex and relationships differently. People blow off the word “relationship” like it’s nothing nowadays. Some wise words from my best friend, “everyone deserves more than having careless sex.”

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