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Ohio State Student Loses Full Scholarship: Too Much?


A sensation in the news this week: an Ohio State student had run onto the field during an Ohio football game and was taken down by a coach, who seemingly was just “protecting” his players. Anthony Wunder, a fourth-year engineering student, has completely lost his scholarship that covers his tuition and housing. He was charged with misdemeanor criminal trespassing.

There has been talk as to whether or not the right and appropriate measures were taken.

I watched a video on ESPN Go of Jemele Hill and Michael Smith with different sides to the story. Hill’s side was that “it was a little harsh.” I completely agree with her. It was an act of pure stupidity. Wunder, a 21 year-old, was drunk when he ran on the field (probably real drunk). Smith’s argument was that if he was an engineering student, somewhat of a genius, wouldn’t he have more common sense than to run on the field? Who knows what Wunder was planning to do.

From my side, I think that this guy just did what all of us have dreamed of doing- running on a field during any sports game. He is in his fourth year at Ohio State in a five year program. He is done in one year and wanted to do something insane. I live by the phrase “do it for the story,” which at this age is highly used. From an adult-like point of view, I have to say that this is 100% wrong. He shouldn’t have done what he did, and as such a remarkable student, he should have followed the rules. Wunder probably did not think he would lose his scholarship, nor did he think he would get decked by a coach on the field- pretty hard. I don’t think any student that would run on the field would think they would lose an entire scholarship. Hill had a point in the segment where she mentioned that other scholarship students at the university have probably done worse things: like get caught for underaged drinking or drugs, sexual assault and more.  Wunder received a fourth degree misdemeanor, which is like a “parking ticket” as Hill compares it to.

I think his punishment was extreme. No, he shouldn’t have run on the field. But an entire scholarship taken away after four years of hard work all because he made a really bad drunk mistake? OK yes, this is my college-self talking, but think about it. He most likely WAS NOT going to hurt anyone and was doing it all in good fun. After only posting $79 dollars for bond, why should he lose an entire scholarship and housing fund?

I guess this just teaches us college kids and deters us from ever thinking about running on the field, streaking on the field, throwing things on the field, etc. But poor Wunder will be looked down on by Ohio State football for good, but will be looked at as a legend by the rest of the student body forever.

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