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You are the Reason the World is Heartless, John Green


On June 6th, just less than a week away, The Fault in Our Stars film, based on the New York Times Bestselling novel by John Green,will be in theaters nationwide.

Self-proclaimed ‘Fault-Fanatics’ are on the edge of their seats as the premiere draws closer, and director Green along with the cast have only contributed to the torturous, unceasing anticipation. Quite regularly, new trailers, promotional videos, and music videos from the soundtrack are released—only to remind us of how much we will sob once the movie hits screens.

The trailer:


So, John Green, know that you are the reason the world is heartless. You have ripped out every single heart of ours, toyed our emotions until they imploded into giant messes, then left us there, void like the stars you write about.

I am left feeling this way every time I re-read TFIOS, every time I re-watch the trailer—yet I am only enticed to repeat my habits and make myself feel this way again. You are a drug, John Green, and I am only craving my next hit. I don’t want rehab. You have carved out all my insides and left me bleeding to death, but I refuse to call for help.

As fans, the collective water cried by all of us could replenish the Colorado River, supply Death Valley, sustain a community for a year. After every read, I have no idea how there are still enough fluids inside to keep me alive—but I will pick up the book and put myself through Chinese water torture all over again. It’s as if I yearn for this drowning feeling time and time again.

I’m going to admit, I’m a very critical reader. I’m nit-picky. I’m that girl who actively looks for loopholes in stories, who searches for incongruencies, who judges books based on their improbabilities. And I’m not going to lie, I’ve found all of them in TFIOS. Some parts were just “weird.” Part of me hated the ending. Some lines were a tad too cheesy or too perfect for “real life.” I will probably be equally as critical toward the film and its flaws.

Quite honestly, John Green, you are probably not the best writer, the best movie director, or the best storyteller the world has seen. However, I believe you are a true master at evoking emotion, and that is an ability unparalleled by many.

John Green, you have the ability to make us feel so empty, yet so full at the same time. You force us to contemplate how impossibly lonely we are in this world, but also how incredibly loved we are. You lure us in, make us cross-eyed and head over heels in love—then take that relationship all away. With your starry words, you pull the drain to all hope we have in life, then fill us up again, this time with an optimism that replenishes our faith in the world.

So thank you, John Green. Thank you. Your Fault Fanatics are only counting down the seconds to the film’s release.

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