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I Wanna Marry Harry: The Latest Seacrest Creation


I thought I’d briefly inform you of a show coming soon. You’ll be remiss if you miss it. Called I Wanna Marry Harry, it’s a show that brings 12 man-thirsty young women to a house in Berkshire, England. Of course, they are under the assumption that they are there to meet Prince Harry. The twist?

Harry is not actually on the program. Instead, the manly man protagonist is a Prince Harry look-a-like named Matthew Hicks. Well done, Seacrest, well done. We all remember Joe Millionaire (also a Fox show), where women were duped into dating a normal, blue collar Joe. Clearly, we are trying to rehash our most quality programming from the past decade.

Don’t you miss the days when The Bachelor was all we had to quench our thirst for reality dating shows? I don’t. I prefer Harry. I like these kinds of dating shows. As evil and sinister as it sounds, I enjoy watching contestants get duped and misled. The entertainment value would be zero if they were in control of the situation. What can I say; I appreciate reality dating show trickery. Is it sick and twisted? No, because they should expect madness when they sign up this stuff. This is why I Wanna Marry Harry seems right up my alley. Watch it with me, May 27th, on FOX.

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