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Feelings That Food Gives Us That Guys Don’t


Food is honestly one of my closest companions. It is there for me in the day and in the night, and when I call, it always answers. I love food more than I love people. I like to think that others think the same. Here are a few phrases that I put together that hold true when it comes to comparing food and guys:

1.”I still feel so satisfied…” (3 hours later)

2.”Chocolate will always understand.”

3. “Cheese is never late.”

4. “Fried chicken never argues.”

5. “Pizza answers when I call.”

I think the reasons why I turn to food to make me happy more than guys is that I know what food will disappoint me and what won’t. You don’t really know what guy is going to disappoint you and which one won’t. When I’m having a bad night, of course, I want someone to say “You’re beautiful” but I’d much rather eat a whole carton of ice cream because it can’t speak or say anything that will make me second guess its goodness.

I guess since I’ve had the worst luck with guys, I have a guard up to what it is that makes me happy.I am the type to indulge in food when I’m having a bad day. Whether I received a crappy grade on a paper or if someone or something is pissing me off. The only downfall is that you have to spend money to get food, but you should not have to spend money ever to get a guy.

It is normal to eat food to make us happy; there are actually a variety of foods that do. Dark chocolate, salmon and spinach are three foods that make us happy as proven by studies. Is it proven by a study that this one guy will make me happy, treat me like a princess, and not argue? No. So for now, I will stick with my food, until I KNOW that this guy is the real deal.

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