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Finding Your Soulmate


We spend most of our young adult life in search of our soulmates; that one person who will complete you like no one else will. Disney movies, Nicholas Sparks and the rest of the pop culture that surrounds us have made us believe that one fine day we will find them and our life will finally be whole. But, have you ever stopped to think that your soulmate might already be in your life? What if our soulmates are not that person who we have been forever dreaming about and longing for? What if a soulmate is not one single person but they are rather scattered around the different people who complete our lives?

This weekend, I realized that I’ve already found my soulmates and they’ve been around me for a while. You might ask, how do you know when you’ve found them?


1. Your soulmate texts you every single day, they’ll text you repeatedly if you don’t respond and they’ll get really worried if it’s been hours without a text back. They might even threaten to file a missing person report if it’s been more than 12 hours.

2. Your soulmate tells you when something looks really good on you, when something doesn’t and when there’s something you just have to try on because they know you so well, that they are certain you’ll like it.

3. Your soulmate will drive 5+ hours and will go through country borders just to spend a weekend in your company.

4. Your soulmate will pick you up and drop you off at the airport no matter how early, late or delayed your flight is.

5. Your soulmate will encourage you to cry and will wipe of your tears when someone you liked hurt you. They’ll also tell you when to keep your poker face on because they are right behind you and there is no way in hell they should know they were important enough to hurt you.

6. Your soulmate will bring you up as many times as they can in a conversation when they’re with that other person you liked, just to see what they can find out for you. They’ll tell you all about it afterwards.

7. Your soulmate will go out of her comfort zone and hang out with people they might not be so fond of, just to make you happy.

8. Your soulmate will encourage you to try something new and to give unknown things a try, because they know routine is deadly and you are in desperate need of a little adventure. Even if it’s just being adventurous with your hair-do.

9. Your soulmate will never judge you; they will however let you know when you’ve messed up and will have your back 100% of the time when someone has messed you up.

10. Your soulmate and you can have fun by doing everything and absolutely nothing. An afternoon of binge watching a TV show with some ice cream and wine are just as fun as a crazy night around Midtown with one too many drinks.

Though situations may vary, if you’ve identified with at least one of these, you know for sure you already have a soulmate. And if you’re very lucky, like me, you know you have multiple soulmates.

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