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Celebrate Memorial Day with Smirnoff


Just in time for the Memorial Day holiday, Smirnoff Red, White & Berry is back by popular demand to help celebrate freedom and bring everyone together under one party. Whether you’re looking for a patriotic group punch or some red, white and blue-themed cocktails — these recipes are the perfect fix for your readers to celebrate this awesome country in style without breaking the bank.

Watching your calories now that summer has arrived? Look no further! Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer is the beverage of choice for you. This bad boy comes in at just 90 calories – the lowest spiked seltzer on the market — so it’s the perfect ready-to-drink beverage to enjoy now that swimsuit season has arrived.

Spiked Triple Berry Basil Lemonade (serves 8) courtesy of Megan Marlowe, Strawberry Blondie Kitchen

-1.5 cups SMIRNOFF Red, White & Berry

-8 cups lemonade

-1 cup basil syrup

-4 berry lemonade ice cup

Directions: In a pitcher combine lemonade, vodka and basil syrup. Stir to combine. To serve, place 4 ice cubes into a high ball glass and top with lemonade cocktail


Red, White & Blue Boozy Slush (serves 4) courtesy of Taylor Bradford, Pink Heels Pink Truck)


Blue Slush Layer:

-2 cups ice

-2 oz. Blue Curacao

-1 cup homemade lemonade


White Slush Layer:

-2 cups ice

-2 oz. SMIRNOFF Red, White & Berry vodka

-1 cup homemade lemonade


Red Slush Layer:

-1 ¼ cups strawberries, quartered

-2 oz. SMIRNOFF Red, White & Berry vodka

-¼ cup of homemade lemonade

Directions: Blend each layer separately until smooth. Store in freezer until ready to build your cocktail. Pour each layer into a highball glass and serve immediately.

memorial day cocktails


Strawberry Moscow Mule Float courtesy of Megan Marlowe, Strawberry Blondie Kitchen


-1.5 oz Smirnoff vodka

-1 lime

-4 ounces ginger beer


-Scoop of strawberry sorbet

Directions: Into the bottom of a copper mug, add vodka, lime juice and ice.  Top with ginger beer and a scoop of sorbet.

smirnoff moscow mule


Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer

Grab and Enjoy!

Only 90 calories (one of the lowest on the market), 1g carbs, zero sugar, no artificial sweeteners and offers a 4.5% alcohol by volume.

smirnoff spiked seltzer

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