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Honeyvine: The Perfect Blend of Wine and Honey


Looking for a new drink to get your chill on as the summer winds down? Well, we’ve got you covered, especially if you’re a fan of white wine. Meet Honeyvine.

Honeyvine is new to market, and is perfect for sipping on its own, or enjoying in a white wine cocktail. Honeyvine is a blend of natural honey with white wine, crafted by Winemaker Reggie Hammond, whose curiosity yielded a surprisingly delicious taste. Made from the best California grapes, pressed and cool-fermented  in stainless steel tanks, the natural honey essence allows for this wine to hits all the right notes.


Light, crisp Honeyvine white wine is a modern twist on the ancient honey drink, called mead, which dates back to early civilizations. Honeyvine is a proprietary blend of premium white wine, natural honey and honey essence for a crisp, more refreshing-tasting take on honey wine.

The natural flavors of honey and wine offer intrigue because both are influenced by their place of origin. The same grape variety grown in different soils, site exposure, climate and vintage yield wines of different flavor profiles, just as flavor of the honey depends on the source of flower pollen that the bees bring back to the hive.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Honey and orange blossom

Palate: Honey complements apple and pear, rounding out the taste profile and providing just a hint of sweetness.

Finish: Juicy and lingering


This new twist on mead is not as sweet as a dessert wine and makes a refreshing aperitif or complement to lighter entrees. Winemaker Reggie Hammond added natural honey and orange blossom honey essence to enhance the flavors of wine, rather than the ancient practice of fermenting the honey. He selected premium California vineyards, pressed the grapes and cool-fermented their juice in stainless steel tanks, resulting in a dry, white wine similar to an unoaked Chardonnay. This wine, with its fresh varietal flavors and crisp acidity, acts as a backdrop for the natural honey and orange blossom honey essence. The honey rounds and balances the wine, giving it a light sweetness and a lingering honey finish.

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Honeyvine retails for a very reasonable $14.99, and will make for an excellent summer treat! As always, remember to drink responsibly!


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