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3 Hilariously Ignorant/Insulting Things People Have Said To Me Regarding Feminism


I understand that sometimes, people really don’t know that much about feminism and are genuinely curious about it, so henceforth they try and ask questions which is 100% okay. But other times, people are just downright ignorant or dismissive about the subject and refuse to hear anything more about the topic. Some people simply don’t realize the feminism is essentially about the political, socioeconomic, and gendered equality of the sexes. What they might be getting feminism confused with is misandry (the belief that women are superior to men) which is not a belief that feminists have. Who knew that all we really want is -gasp- equality? So without further ado, these are the three hilariously ignorant and/or insulting things anyone has ever said to me in regards of feminism or my major (which is Gender Studies, or also commonly known in other universities as Women’s Studies, or Women and Gender Studies):


  1. “So, what do you even do with a degree in Gender Studies? Isn’t it useless? I mean, you don’t even have white privilege going for you, so you’re basically screwed.”

Gender Studies is actually an extremely comprehensive course. The percentage of difficulty for getting an A in Gender Studies in my university is right beside a program such as Political Science. It takes an extremely open minded person willing to educate themselves on the topic to understand it, and furthermore, no one has the right to demean another individual’s major. Unless someone has taken extensive courses in a program, are doing countless readings on that program per week, attending seminars and lectures, and have written at least a dozen papers on related topics, then, and only then, do they have a right to question someone’s theories majoring in that topic.


  1. “Why are you taking this so seriously? It’s a joke! You made me lose faith in feminism.” -made in reference to me getting upset over an individual making not one, but two rape “jokes”-

No one should affect your views on feminism, and if someone truly believes in equality, they would not be mocking sexual assault or the aspect of rape. They should not be open with telling just one person, “yes, I am a feminist”; they cannot simply grab that label for themselves without earning it or backing up their personal opinions. They should try to have stimulating evidence where they are not insulting the prospect of equity rights. Also, as much as I would like it to, the outcome of equality does not rest on the shoulders of one 20-something woman. It is a collective effort.


  1. “I don’t understand how feminism is a ‘necessity’…women haven’t died and they aren’t extinct from male domination, so I don’t see how it’s an issue.”

Because the prevalence of deaths of feminists in Western cultures is significantly lower than that of feminists in other parts on the world, everything is okay, right? It’s not like women all around the world are oppressed sexually, politically, and/or socially, in similar and different ways all at once. Because feminism is totally all about just women. It’s not like feminism addresses men’s rights and how men struggle from gender binaries and norms placed upon them. It’s not like feminism touches upon the importance of trans rights, gay rights, and everything and anything in between and all over the spectrum. Because it’s not like feminism affects virtually every single individual, and would lead to the betterment of our world as a whole or anything. Not at all.

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