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15 First World Problems I Experienced Yesterday


My life is hard, okay?

1. I was starving but there was nothing in my fridge that I actually wanted to eat.

2. I really had to pee but was too lazy to get up.

3. Photoshop caused all the programs I was running to move too fucking slow.

4. They were doing construction for the 17 billionth time on the one road I take to work (seriously, at this point just let it be), making me at least 10 minutes later than I might have been otherwise.

5. The weather app on my phone said it was 56 degrees outside but it would go up to 60-something, making it not quite summer-clothes weather but not quite sweater weather, either. What the fuck am I supposed to wear??!!

6. Then I stepped outside and it was actually cold, and my sweater was not enough.

7. I have to start wearing jackets again now.

8. I forgot to check my work email yesterday so I opened it today and I had 29 new emails and that was, like, really stressful.

9. Every single radio station I listen to was at commercial. At the same damn time.

10. I took out my lipstick, only to see that somehow it had gotten smushed in my bag :(.

11. I reallyyy fucked up by not bringing a jacket today. Not even a fleece. Not even a hoodie. Just me and my thin H&M sweater.

12. I didn’t like any of the songs that came up in shuffle on my iPod, so I sat there turning the knob on my car stereo to skip songs for so long that my arm started to get tired.

13. My eyes started to bother me from staring at a computer screen for too long.

14. My neck and back hurt from sitting in a chair for 8 hours.

15. I wanted to put a bunch of crying gifs into this article but if I do it after every one it’ll make it too long, but if I do it like 3 times it’ll seem artibtrary

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