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How to Always Go to Bed Happy


I write this as I’m falling asleep in bed, at midnight, on a Friday (I promise I lead an exciting life). Ever since I was younger, I was always trying out new ways to fall asleep faster, stay asleep, or ways to not wake up so much during my sleep. I have lavender lotions (lavender is a sleep aid), websites bookmarked on my computer with advice and dream catchers for those scary dreams. Despite my findings, I never really told people my secrets on how to go to bed happy…

Before bed, I like to feel stress-free- don’t we all? I like to text my friends and go on social media one last time. I also like to stuff my face with junk-food, and live vicariously through The Kardashians on TV. These things only satisfy me for a moment, so here are 15 ways to always go to bed happy:


1. Lay out your outfit for the next day before you go to bed so you won’t have to worry about it.

2. Do not check your phone for 30 minutes before you go to sleep.

3. Put on a happy channel- yes, like Disney Channel, if you need help falling asleep. I recommend NFL network as well. Scary commercials can kill anyones mood, and there are none on there!

4. Drink warm milk if you think you’ll have trouble sleeping. It helps with insomnia.

5. Read a magazine or a book you enjoy so you go to sleep with positive thoughts in your head.

6. Make sure your room is cold. Sleeping in a chillier environment is better. When you’re hot and sweaty, how will you be in a good sleeping mood? Uncomfortable!

7. Recount all your aspirations and dreams before you go to sleep.

8. Plan out something you would want to dream about in your head.

9. Listen to soft playlists on Spotify, or any music database. No EDM. No rock. No.

10. Wear cute or matching pajamas. If you’re a girl, make your hair look messy-pretty. Believe it or not, I sleep better when I look somewhat put together…try it.

11. Read one or two inspirational quotes before logging off social media (which should also be done 30 minutes before sleep)

12. Call a good friend and tell each other about your days.

13. If you sleep with your partner, give each other massages to let go of tension.

14. Speaking of partners, let go of some other tension, too…

15. Write it down- don’t go to bed with a cloudy head.


I have done most of these things on my list, and the ones I haven’t I will do tonight. Nobody should ever go to sleep upset or mad. If you do, chances are you’ll wake up feeling the same the next day. Tomorrow is always a new day, but why not make that fresh start the night before? Follow one of the above or follow all, let me know if it works, and I’ll see y’all in dreamland.

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