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What Living With a Bunch of Guys is Like


…If you’re a girl.


1. Provided your roommates are home, you no longer have to kill your own cockroaches. And by “kill,” I mean “trap under a cup that you weigh down with a book and wait until the roach eventually dies.” Now you get instant bug murder, and who doesn’t love that?

2. Cooking utensils of all shapes, sizes, and–more importantly–materials, go in the dishwasher willy-nilly. Am I the only person whose mom told them a million times, you can’t put Teflon in the dishwasher or else it strips the non-stick coating, and you shouldn’t put wooden utensils in either?! No, that’s right, I can’t be the only person, because I have 2 siblings.

3. Every night when you try to cook, you get to play a game of “which tall shelf has my cookware been hidden on today?”

4. When you turn on the TV, the Big Bang Theory will be on. I don’t know why, it just happens every. Single. Time. Not even sports, just Sheldon and his annoying voice.

5. You’ll be surprised to find the bathroom is actually cleaner than when you lived with female roommates. Something about less hair, I guess?

6. #Thatawkwardmoment when one of your roommates wears the same cologne as your boyfriend so every time you catch a whiff of it, you get all happy until you realize it’s not actually him.

7. If they suddenly erupt in a chorus of yells, 9/10 it’s because they’re watching sports. 1/10 potential murder.

8. You thought you knew the biggest container of Muscle Milk available. You were wrong.

9. Never before have you thought it possible for a human to eat an entire frozen pizza and still be fit. Once again, you will be proven wrong.

10. It’s all chill, but sometimes it still feels like living with a bunch of children since you’re the only one who actually notices when shit breaks, or reminds everyone to pay the rent, or actually separates their lights and darks. #Shruglife

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