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What Being a Professional Is Really About


Once school is all done with, most young adults believe that being a professional is all about nailing the job and title. The thing you come to realize is there’s more to it than just getting the job. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that your dream job doesn’t equal your dream workplace. Learning to deal with people, deal with situations, and how to correctly do your job all come with experience, but there are a few things that automatically are engrained in us when entering the work field.



In a professional setting communication is key. There is absolutely no company that can function properly without proper communication, whether it’s good or bad information. They say knowledge is power, right? So isn’t it better to know what’s going on around you rather than not having any clue? So show up to work, put in your hours, answer emails, call people back, and ask questions. In the end, it can either solidify your place in the company or show you it’s time to move on.



When you’re a kid, adults always tell you it’s bad to lie because it will end up catching up to you; well, that rule applies no matter what age you are. Lying at work or about work is always a bad idea. Truth is key. If you messed up, admit it. It’s always better to recognize a mistake and fix it than it is to pretend like you have no idea. Also, don’t lie about what you’re doing. Nothing looks worse than a co-worker seeing a Facebook post of you getting pampered when you called in sick. Just avoid it. It’s easier that way.


Do Your Job

Just do what you were hired to do. It’s that simple. Don’t slack and stay on top of your shit. You’ll be a good employee and you are more likely to go further.

Just be professional. It shows maturity, and no one wants to work with someone who can’t handle their workload like an adult.

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