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5 Surprises To Keep Her Interested


Whether you’ve dated for two years or two months, there is always a need to reestablish the bond with your girlfriend.

So here are 5 things you can do to entice her at any moment…


5. Call Her Unexpectedly

Yes, I’m saying CALL her. Not text. Reason? A phone call is so much more personal. It shows her that you want to hear her voice. Trust me, she will really appreciate that. She may be having a bad day and want to hear your voice anyway, so let her.


4. Do The Flower Thing, Sometimes

I know it’s cliché but buying your girlfriend flowers is an important way to keep her into you. Where most guys mess up is in the execution. You only want to do it sometimes, not every day or every week or anything like that. Think about doing it if she had a tough day recently, or if you’ve gone a few days without talking as much as often. Timing is everything.


3. Take Her On An Adventure

This can be a weekend getaway or a quick day trip. But surprising her with an adventure will show her that you’ve put some thought into your relationship. She may even thank you for it.


2. Impromptu Massages

There’s nothing more sensuous than a massage. Greet her with a basket of lotions and a towel. She will love you forever.


1. Kisses

Sounds basic, but there’s nothing more meaningful than a good kiss. Even with a long term girlfriend, it’s important to maintain a romantic connection through this simple yet beautiful gesture.

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