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5 Ways To Increase Your Mood And Productivity


Week after week we seem to get lost in the shuffle. It’s normal and means you’re doing something right. If it was easy then it’d be boring. But stress mounts, so here are some ways to renew yourself on a daily basis. Because life is too short to spend day after day feeling drab.

1. Stretching

This has helped me immensely. I started doing this to prepare myself for tennis and I now try to do it every morning in between gulps of coffee. Stretching your body stretches your mind… at least I’ve tricked myself into believing that.

2. Reaching Out To People

Look up somebody you don’t talk to very often. Shoot them a text or an email and touch base. You could brighten up their day, and yours. Corny but true. And honestly, you never know when you may need a favor down the line.

3. Discover A Sense Of Faith

Faith doesn’t have to be religious based. To me, faith is a state of mind. It’s seeing things with a sense of optimism. Faith can be discovered in a variety of ways. From going to church or watching an inspirational Netflix documentary. Try it. For me, I enjoy watching others express optimism which in turns give me optimism.

4. Schedule Yourself

Put that iPhone calendar to good use. It’s important to stay busy but in an organized manner. Plus it sounds cool when someone asks you to do something and you say “I’m booked.” Or maybe that’s just the LA in me talking.

5. Put Everything Into Perspective

Don’t sweat the small stuff, obviously. But I think it’s equally important to put the big stuff into context. Relationships, jobs, needing to do laundry. The way you handle both large and small problems is the way you will be defined as a person. Don’t put off the inevitable, attack it head on.

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Brian Wray is a writer for Writtalin. A self-proclaimed hipster who makes his home in San Diego, he recently escaped LA after working in production and casting for the past 2 years. His interests are tennis, recording music, and more tennis. Follow his various works at And Twitter him @BrianWrayMedia