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6 Characteristics Girls Look For in a Tinder Match


New to Tinder or struggling to find fulfilling relationships through the app? Here are some tips to win over the ladies.

1. Creative Conversation Starters

“Hey,” and “What’s up?” are easily ignorable and peg you as boring faster than your argyle sweater and nondescript haircut.  Ask your match something fun and interesting like “Does this mean we’re boyfriend and girlfriend?” or “Would your rather go hungry for a week or cut off your nipple shaving?”  Genuine compliments are also a welcome initiator.



2. Adventurousness

Make sure to include a picture of you rock climbing, running a marathon, or riding your motorcycle.  Girls just wanna have fun.  And more importantly, we want to see you sweating and shirtless.



3. Accomplished

Feel free to subtly hint at how successful you are.  No boasting, but if you rescued a cat from a tree or an orphan from a fire, you can mention it.  You can also mention your awesome job and interesting hobbies, but don’t tell us how much you bench press.




4.  Sense of Humor

Gotta make her LOL. You should have mastered sarcasm by the 4th grade, so draw on that expertise.  Say ridiculous and sassy things that will lead to a well-paced banter.  And don’t insert your own LOLs and Hahas. If she has a sense of humor, she will insert her own laughs.



5. Flirty

Who doesn’t love a good flirt?  And this is a dating app, after all.  If I could be having this conversation with my dad, you’re not winning.



6. Action-Oriented

Make it happen!  If you’ve been chatting for a while, ask her out.  Since it’s over text you shouldn’t even need to take a liquid shot of courage (but it doesn’t hurt).  If all goes well, you’ll have a Tinder fairytale to tell the grandchildren.


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