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Why You Should Date a Girl that Reads


As we grow up, reading seems like the biggest chore. I remember dreading my book reports and book assignments, but it’s something that never goes away. Whether it’s for leisure or for requirement, reading is probably the most attractive thing a girl can do. Yeah yeah, I know you think that’s hard to believe but here’s why…


The Brains

Reading makes you smart. Despite all those magazine ads and commercials, boobs and ass out aren’t the only things men find attractive, even though it’s probably the first thing they’ll notice. Yes they’ll want to hook up with the model in the ad, but that’s not the person they want to marry. They want Kate Middleton, not Kim K, unless it’s for one night. Substance is everything. Reading opens you up to new languages, new ideas, new voices, and new opinions. Guys like it when you’re independent and don’t really need to rely on them, and that’s exactly what knowledge gives you.


The Ambition

Now this one might throw you for loop. A girl who reads is ambitious despite the tie may seem farfetched. When you grab a book it’s the determination to finish it. You don’t start a book to stop 20 pages in. If you’re grabbing 700 pager, you’re going to read the 700 pages despite how bad it might be. That’s ambition. Someone who starts something and has all intention of finishing what they set out to do. If a girl is that willful for something as small as reading a book, imagine what she’s capable of. She can conquer the world. Who doesn’t want to be with someone who wants the best out of life?


The Color

Books are built on imagination. Whether it’s fiction or inspirational, you need to be able to imagine beyond the words. You need be able to see past adjectives to imagine color and movement. How can you read Romeo and Juliet and not see the pain in Juliet’s eyes when she finds Romeo dead? How can you not see the strength in Malala Yousafzai’s pose while she stands up for what she believes? A girl who reads is a girl that can see a world beyond her own. She can envision profound emotions beyond those of her own with seeing characters and stories as real. She brings color into your life.


A girl who reads is different. She is not average. She is the not the girl you walk away from. She is the girl who deserves the colorful world she can give you and beyond.



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