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#MCM: David Rosenberg


-David Rosenberg-

Twitter: @DavRosenberg


My choice for this Monday has got to be David Rosenberg, and my oh my is he pretty. Maybe it’s his soulful deep eyes, or those beautiful pouty lips that make him delicious. I find myself enthralled by how you can lose yourself in the penetrating gaze of his. Besides his looks, I also like the fact he surfed for his school team, because that just sounds AWESOME.

He is a South African model who has been featured in Italy, and also has a home in London. This hunk of delicious spends a lot of free time at the beach, but at the gym as well. He also goes to the aquarium to relax, which actually sounds like an awesome idea. Just sitting there and focusing on nothing but fish is something you can sign me up for. On top of everything else, he is a rescue swimmer for the National Sea Rescue Institute, something similar to the U.S. Coast Guard, which he has done for 7 years. If I’m drowning, please rescue me, David!







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