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MCM: JC Salter


-J.C. Salter-

Facebook: Fan Page Here.

Known For: Modeling, body building, and a body that just keeps getting better.

J.C. Salter is my crush for this Monday, and ladies, that man is simply stunning. He’s a corn-fed Iowa boy, but I guarantee he didn’t spend much time in the fields. I think it may be the fact he has a body that may have just been sculpted by the perfection itself, or the fact he has eyes I could stare into for hours. Either way, I’m in love.

He recently participated in the Arnold Classics, which is the official event that kicks off the competition season for those in the bodybuilding world. It is by far one of the largest, and most-prestigious events there is. JC was also a four-sport athlete in high school in Ottumwa, a city in Southern Iowa, which is also where he currently resides.

He actually had never planned on being a fitness model, but for women everywhere I would like to say “Thank you.” After looking at his body I know he made the right choice. What really made me crush hard, though, are the most recent photos on his Facebook page. I’m not really sure what he was modeling for this time around, all I know is I was too busy enjoying the shirtless ones.

Enjoy as much as I did!










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