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Should You See Interstellar?


Let’s be clear about one thing: Interstellar is a really good movie. I’ve heard the commentary from the naysayers out there, but from the laymen’s perspective, this is definitely a worthwhile watch. However, I have also noticed that there are some pretty strong sentiments towards certain qualities of this movie that are worth taking a look at, especially if you are still on the fence about checking this one out. The more “agrees” you side with, the more you should definitely go see Interstellar.



1. Christopher Nolan is the man.

Agree: In a crowded place, it takes as little as a whisper of the phrase “Dark Knight” to become suddenly swarmed by people praising it as the zenith of cinematic achievement. And why not? Nolan took our traditional view of the superhero (movie), flipped it on it’s head, and went to town. Of course, it always helps to have actors like Heath Ledger and Tom Hardy cement your films with iconic villains. Aside from that, Nolan typically guarantees a movie with mild suspense, intense action, and at least one sort-of-saw-that-coming plot twist. He can definitely keep you invested.

Disagree: The only thing Nolan benefits from is the fact that his name isn’t Michael Bay. You cannot disguise faulty plot development with cool, distracting effects. The fact of the matter is Nolan is always given a boatload of talent to work with and it’s the star-studded ensemble that really pulls these movies together. This is not to say that Nolan cannot make a good movie, but it is certainly hard to screw it up when you have such experience at your fingertips.

Neutral: “Who the hell cares about the director?”



2. Matthew McConaughey is the man.

Agree: McConaughey is the hottest item in Hollywood at the moment. Fresh off his win with Dallas Buyers Club, he lands this sweet role in the Fall blockbuster of 2014. The guy can make anything look cool, including sort-of luxury vehicles. (That’s right Lincoln, we are never going to forget the Oldsmobile.) There’s just something about his intense calmness that’s hard to find in actors these days. He has really come into his own and will surely sell his performance.

Disagree: If you’ve seen one McConaughey movie, you’ve seen them all. Country bumpkin-sounding dude gets discredited because of his wishy-washy past but defies all odds and shoves it in everyone’s faces. And seriously? Now we have a movie about sending this character into space? How in the world did NASA approve a space pilot that uses Southern-style slang in the most serious of situations? Get a grip.

Neutral: “Hey, I recognize that name… sure, let’s see that one!”



3. I love space movies.

Agree: There really isn’t anything as nerve-racking as a sci-fi space movie. So many things can go wrong, and when they do, you suddenly find yourself gripping the edge of your seat. Nolan creates a space environment that is both eerie and imaginative, with some very cool-looking planetary locales. This movie truly helps you expand your sci-fi database of what space might actually be like.

Disagree: The last thing we need is another space movie. People only get all giddy over this movie because it deals with the potential solution of some sort of imminent death of our own planet. Much like the mutilated zombie movies of the past few years that were somehow allowed to reach the big screen, these movies are nothing more than hypothetical nonsense.

Neutral: “I thought we were watching Gravity 2.”



4. Attention to detail is not an issue.

Agree: Movies are not made for accuracy. The theater is a space for us to get lost in a world other than our own, in a time that we may not be familiar with. Who cares if the science doesn’t pan out? Movies are entertainment. Why else would we pay to watch them?

Disagree: It most certainly is an issue! How do you expect to sit through a movie whenever there are some clear deviations from what we know about widely accepting scientific theory? If you are going to go through the trouble of making the movie as realistic as possible, then make sure you clean up the loose ends. You expect us to believe that the entire planet has been forced back into an agrarian style of life? You’re not even going to explain why the Earth’s population has dwindled other than massive starvation? Please, make more of an effort.

Neutral: “Whatever dude, just as long as it looks cool.”



5. I can easily sit in one place for three hours!

Agree: “I have patience and a notably comfortable posterior, so I should be fine.”

Disagree: “What? No.”

Neutral: “Well, it’s pretty much what I would be doing if I stayed home anyway.”


Honestly, I was more in the neutral column for most of these. While I do not believe that this is the best film of the year, it certainly is worth your time!

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