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Top 5 Most Romantic Movie Scenes


It’s halfway through July and summer love is in the air. In honor of love, here are the top 5 most romantic movie scenes…


Final Scene – When Harry Met Sally

This is arguably the most beloved RomCom of all time, thanks to a smart, hilarious script by the lovely late Nora Ephron. It’s a classic. Most people are familiar with the orgasm scene (which is fantastic) but the last scene is truly one of the most rewarding endings to any film ever made. Billy Crystal is perfect, making bitter and pessimistic Harry Burns somehow irresistibly charming. Meg Ryan’s excellent portrayal of the sweet but neurotic Sally Albright solidified her status as America’s RomCom Princess. Their undeniable offbeat chemistry against the backdrop of Manhattan makes When Harry Met Sally the quintessential New York love story. If you can make it through that scene without getting a little verklempt your heart is made of stone and I’m over you.


Darcy’s Confession – Pride & Prejudice (2005)

Perhaps the most famous love story from the brilliant Jane Austen, there have been several adaptations of Pride & Prejudice. Keira Knightly earned an Oscar nomination for her turn as Elizabeth Bennett in this adaptation directed by the talented Joe Wright. When independent, free-spirited, and strong-willed Lizzy meets the mysterious and wealthy Mr. Darcy, they get off on the wrong foot to say the least. They deny the magnetic attraction between them but eventually Darcy caves and confesses to Elizabeth in this scene. The rain, the British accents, Matthew Macfadyen’s dreamy Mr. Darcy, it’s almost too much. Watching the scene knowing they belong together, and all that ripe sexual tension, is enough to make your head (and heart) explode.


Lobster Scene – Annie Hall

Annie Hall is not only brilliant and hilarious, but also presents a very genuine love story. All of the moments between Alvy and Annie feel so real, so familiar. This scene captures the best part of being in love; that uncontrollable laughter when you’re together. Creating memories and stories that you can tell over and over again but no one else will understand except the two of you. Not to mention that this Best Picture winner features THE Diane Keaton in the title role. DIANE KEATON. Respect.


Belle’s Surprise – Beauty and the Beast

This one goes out to all the bookish boys and girls. The Beast may be stubborn and irritable and grumpy and a large animal, but he tries. He knows Belle loves to read so he gives her a library. Not just any library. The biggest, most beautiful library probably ever. And Beast is so excited to give it to her. It’s a genuine and sweet moment in film history, regardless of the fact it’s an animated Disney flick.


I Know – Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back

Duh. Harrison Ford as Han Solo and Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia are the epitome of chemistry. This scene is romantic without being mushy. It’s totally badass.


Yes, I realize The Notebook isn’t on this list. I find these scenes to be more romantic, but what about you? What are your favorite romantic scenes? Tell me in the comments.

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