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Songs You Rocked Out To In High School


How many angsty away messages were comprised of the lyrics to these classics? Dust off your Chuck Taylors and get ready to be rocked by some hardcore nostalgia.


The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows – Brand New

Brand New reigned the scene after Deja Entendu dropped. “Quiet Things” was the album’s lead single, followed by equally epic “Sic Tansit Gloria…Glory Fades.” Though both fantastic songs, the “Quiet Things” music video was one of the best of its time.




Cute Without the “E” – Taking Back Sunday

It’s hard to be spiteful and charming at the same time, but somehow TBS lead singer Adam Lazzara pulled it off. The lyrics are clever, the chorus is catchy, and the repetition invites you to sing along. It’s so good, it’s hard not to.



Anywhere With You – Saves the Day

“Anywhere With You” could be a Weezer song, though lead singer Chris Conley’s voice is distinct enough that it doesn’t come across as a blatant rip off. In fact, the song is simply inspired. And the simplicity of the song is what makes it so great.



Buried Myself Alive – The Used

“Buried Myself Alive” was released as a single off of their impressive self-titled debut album, which also featured the haunting “Blue and Yellow” and anthemic “The Taste of Ink.” The Used found their strength in their lyrics and “Buried Myself Alive” is the perfect example of their exceptional songwriting.



I’m Not Okay – My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance found commercial success when they dropped their single “I’m Not Okay” along with an accompanying music video that got a lot of play on MTV. It’s not hard to see why. Led by the enigmatic Gerard Way, this band of misfit rockers was too cool for school.



My Friends Over You – New Found Glory

This song solidified New Found Glory as pop-punk Princes. It’s a fun, high-energy track with a catchy hook, but it’s the band’s charisma that makes the song a classic.



Sugar, We’re Going Down – Fall Out Boy

It’s not surprising that Fall Out Boy is still going strong. It was clear back in the day with songs like “Sugar” and “Dance, Dance” that this spunky quartet had staying power. They were even nominated for a Grammy for Best New Artist, and it all started when they broke out with “Sugar.”



What It Is To Burn – Finch

The first single off of their debut album of the same name, “What It Is To Burn” earned Finch a substantial following. With lead singer Nate Barcalow’s mixture of emotive vocals and intense screaming, the song still resonates after all these years.



Silver and Cold – AFI

Though “Girl’s Not Grey” was perhaps the bigger single, the somber “Silver and Cold” was the superior song. Its melancholy was captivating. Though both songs had memorable videos, the video for “Silver and Cold” packed an emotional punch with a Hollywood-worthy twist ending.


Signals Over the Air – Thursday

“Signals Over the Air” was the first single off of Thursday’s politically charged War All the Time. The song is dark, aggressive, and completely intoxicating. Your parents definitely didn’t want you listening to Thursday.

There are so many gems from that era that this list could go on and on…What other songs did you rock out to in High School?


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