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The Trump/Clinton First Presidential Debate Drinking Game


After months of hype, rumors, mudslinging, and conjecture… we are only at the starting line. But at least we finally know who our two major party candidates will be. So what’s next? A lot more chatter and hype. But eventually we WILL arrive at our first presidential debate. So in preparation for that epic September night, here is the official Trump/Clinton drinking game to get you through proceedings.

Take ONE shot EVERY TIME the following occurs:

– Hillary coughs or shows signs of illness

– Trump mentions his wealth

– Hillary plays the woman card

– Trump plays the jobs card

– Hillary attacks Trump University

– Trump attacks Hillary’s emails

– Hillary contradicts herself

– Trump contradicts himself

– Hillary says Trump attacks people too often

– Trump says he is a victim of people attacking him

– The camera shows Bill Clinton

– The camera shows Melania Trump (BONUS SHOT if any of Trump’s grandchildren are shown)

– Either candidate rolls their eyes at each other

– Either candidate lets out a phony laugh

– Either candidate interrupts the other

– Either candidate goes over their allotted response time

– Either candidate asserts the other isn’t qualified to be president

– Either candidate begins their response with “As president…”

Okay, now that you’re good and toasted let’s up the ante a bit…

Take TWO shots EVERY TIME the following occurs:

– Hillary has to use the restroom (BONUS SHOT if she’s still not back after the commercial break, + 2 BONUS SHOTS if Trump addresses it as a postmenopausal deficiency, making her unfit to be president)

– Trump refers to his penis size (FINISH THE BOTTLE if he tells Hillary she’ll never have the privilege of seeing it)

– Hillary claims she’s had sex post-1990

– Trump claims he hasn’t gone a night without sex post-1962

– Hillary demands to see Trump’s tax return

– Trump demands to see if Hillary actually has lady parts

– The crowd boos for longer than 11 seconds

– The crowd cheers for longer than 5 seconds

– Hillary tells Trump to stop staring at her backside

– Trump tells Hillary to dream on

And finally…

FINISH THE BOTTLE when the following occurs:

– Hillary whispers “racist” or “sexist” under her breath

– Trump calls Hillary the C-word then drops the mic

Mark Monday, September 26th, 2016 on your calendar. It is a day that will finally revitalize live TV entertainment.

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