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3 Brits who I Wish were Americans


I swoon over a british accent as much as the next girl, but these 3 Brits are extra special.  This article is going to be a bit more philosophical (bored millennial philosophical that is…) about 3 Brits who are talented and famous – I didn’t know such a thing could exist! They had their cake… and they are eating it too. And I would like to officially give them The Bored Millennial American Citizenship Certificate and/or adopt them to become my very own American adult children. So with that, below are my 3 new adopted adults.


1. Ed Sheeran


I am proud of him because he has crossed the toughest barrier known to mankind – becoming a famous ginger. Not only is he a flaming ginger, like a puka shell necklace, freshman-15, frat boy that wore cargo shorts and flip flops kind of ginger, but yet he makes millions of teen girls swoon over him (including me).

Ed Sheeran has this raspy, sexy voice – when I first heard his music I picture a trendier Justin Timberlake (minus the fedora – duh) mixed with a little Christian Grey. Imagine my surprise when I saw what he looked like. The definition of a ginger. The most freckly, flaming red haired ginger I have ever seen in my life. His tattoos can’t even hide his freckles – that’s how much of a ginger he is. Plus, he is tubby. Normally tubby and gingers don’t do it for me… but Ed… Oh Ed, my feelings for you are real. Ed has given many chubby red head children hope all around the world (and by world I mean like Ireland/UK and some parts of the US).

The only other ginger who has graced the somewhat trending status as Ed might be LiLo… but even she has tried to hide her roots (literally) – by being a blonde or brunette. The only other famous redhead singers are usually in the country genre and those don’t count.



2. Sam Smith


There is no doubt that the LGBT community has already broken down ceilings/walls/buildings/communities to create a more accepting society (#boom). However, there is still that lingering stigma – that keeps many closet doors closed. It has been awhile since there was a famous pop/rock/soul/life singer blowing up the radio (with 3 top songs thank you very much) from the gay community. But not for Sam. Why am I proud of Sam – because he has been gay for days! There was a brief period where he was “Bi” but… who hasn’t? He is gay and has the most extreme widows peak ever, but sings about feelings every human – man, woman, gay, straight, trans, ginger, etc. has felt. #unity right there.

You keep doing you Sam! (And more Whitney covers please).


 3. Adele


I mean Duh. Why I am proud of Adele? Because she is “voluptuous” (if you will) and just a total badass. She curses like a sailor and has the vocal pipes that no one can compete with.  She rocks cat eyes and mad men hair like it is no ones business. When American pop stars gain some LBS they are chastised (cough cough Jessica simpson circa 2009) and basically ridiculed to get back down to a size 00 by the end of the week. But not Adele. EFF that! 2012 was the year of Adele, and thus, the year of curves. And thus, the year I gained 10 lbs and didn’t care. YOLO! If you can make gaining weight cool.. you are pretty epic. aka you are Adele.




In conclusion– Can I swap Sarah Palin for Adele? I wish it was that easy! I have heard the adoption process takes a long time so I am getting the proper paperwork in order to help better American society. But in the meantime… Ed, Sam and Adele consider yourself adopted!

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