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3 Apps that Are Changing the Way We Shop


Online shopping to women is like Christmas to a little kid, like bacon and beer to the male sex, like vodka to an alcoholic. It gets us giddy with excitement, and free shipping just puts us over the edge. You don’t need to buy it, you don’t want to do it, but you just have to hit check out. And it feels oh so good.

The beauty of online shopping is that it has morphed and advanced over the years. You went from shopping at your desktops to laptops to tablets and now even to your smart phones. Essentially, anything with a web browsing feature allows you to access the website of your choice. Majority of brands and companies have updated to mobile optimized websites as well. So it’s as easy as scroll, select, check out.

Some companies have gotten even better at catering to their consumers and have played into the cell phone obsessed culture that we are. Branded apps allow users to have their favorite labels right at their fingertips. You can get notified of updates, special offers and sales right from the app. Some even act as a shopping interface, allowing users to browse collections and make purchases right from their phone, between texting and uploading that picture of their dog.

But above and beyond all of this, there comes a new wave of fashion apps and shopping capabilities. I call it Online Shopping 2.0.

These apps are changing the world in which we shop, style and dress. Giving consumers earlier access to products, making it easier to purchase, and allowing interaction between customers and the brand on a social network level.

Here are three new apps that are paving the way for a new shopping and fashion experience.



Shop and discover – all in one place.

This app lets you shop new arrivals and exclusives from hundreds of brands and designers. One of a kind items are posted every day, plus new “shops” open every week. Spring is hailed as the “new way to shop on your phone” and makes purchasing even easier than you’re used to, with just the swipe of a finger needed. Think simple and easy, like Groupon checkouts. Or like purchasing straight from Instagram. You like it, you select your size, you buy it.

Available on the App Store:


Okay App

The social network for fashion.

We’ve all been in the situation where we’re torn between outfits and find ourselves sending picture texts to our friends asking which one to go with. Cue Okay App. With this app, you can just ask your smartphone what to wear without bothering your friends. Okay App lets you post your outfit pictures side by side and get honest feedback from personal fashion advisors. You hand pick your advisors, they vote on your outfit, you look great. You can even ask the “collective intelligence” of your social followers how to dress for specific occasions or parties, plus offer your own advice to people like you.

Available on the App Store and Google Play:



A fashion inspiration app.

The Netflix of fashion apps. Stylekick learns from your prior browsing, favoriting, and purchasing behavior to recommend products and trends that might interest you. This app works as a community dedicated to fashion inspiration and personalized styling. It combines the shopping experience, a social network platform and a virtual inspiration board all in one. Shop, style and share.

Available on the App Store:


Fashion meets technology, this is the future of mobile shopping.

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