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The 5 Best Twitter Reactions to Justin Bieber’s Arrest


After the news broke that the always-polarizing Justin Bieber got arrested today on charges of driving under the influence and resisting arrest, the internet, and especially Twitter, became inundated with various reactions to the singer’s arrest. Not surprising, seeing that ‘Da Biebs has BY FAR the most Twitter followers any human has ever had. Soon, the trends #FreeBieber and #DeportBieber were going HAM on the Twitterverse.

No matter whether you love Bieber, or love to hate him, here are the five images Twitter produced that HAVE to make you laugh…or if you’re a Belieber, at least crack a sad smile. Here are the best twitter reactions to Justin’s misfortune:

#5 – Inmate Bieber and his new album

We’re counting on this being a gangsta’ rap album, cuz da Biebs is str8 hard these dayz.



#4 – Bieber’s last tweet

Nah, this isn’t factual, but it still produced a huge reaction. And it seems viable that Bieber told the cops something like this. Hell, even the little sweetie, Reese Witherspoon did something like this.


#3 – The good ol’ Westboro Baptist Church

Finally, something I agree with from these fucking nutjobs. Biebs, you androgynous little slut, you.


#2 – Bieber and Miley

Aww. Mocking TWO of the celebs I love to hate in ONE post? Fuck and yes. This is gold.


#1 – Bieber & Ray-J gettin’ it on

The last one is awesome, but really, this is just about the greatest thing ever. Seeing Biebs’ pretty little face on Kimmy’s body, while getting plowed by Ray-J? I love you for this, internet.


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