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What the Spice Girl You Pretended to be While Growing Up Says About You


Growing up in the ’90s, it was hard to deny the magic of the Spice Girls.  They taught us about girl power, friendship, platform sneakers, and they made a movie worthy of significant fame and praise that is still played at sleepovers today.  Some of us were even exposed to our first ever tanned male ass via assless silky tuxedo pants in that very film.

It was natural for us to emulate such role models on the playground.  Every girl had a Spice Girl she identified with (and if you didn’t, you were probably the weirdo playing tether ball by herself).  Here is what your childhood pick says about you now!


Baby Spice

You crave attention.  If you’re not already the baby of your family, then you’re a neglected sibling who envies the spotlight.  People believe that you’re sweetly innocent, but really you’re a naughty little minx who knows how to manipulate.  And you have a smile that can get you out of anything.



Scary Spice

You are the weirdest person you know.  You’re an extrovert and you have no limits.  You probably don’t have a filter either.  You’re a strange breed, but you’re also assertive and you really don’t care.  People are intimidated by you.  You still love animal print.

scary spice


Sporty Spice

You are either a lesbian, a professional athlete, or all the other Spice Girls were taken and your friends forced you into this role.

sporty spice


Posh Spice

Obviously, you are a sex pot.  High maintenance; you probably have two walk-in closets and a cycle of 10 men in your dating life that you keep on a rotation, in order to keep things as fresh as your juicing diet.  You’re prone to bitching and your high heels are glued to your feet.  You might carry around a lap dog in your purse.

posh spice

Ginger Spice

You’re a wild child and a free-loving spirit.  You probably don’t even use product in your hair.  You love to travel and you always bring your reusable bags to the grocery store.  You are fierce and a feminist.

ginger spice

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