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10 Girl Code Commandments


We have a code that we all need to take a look at and abide by, ladies. Here are some girl-code rules that are critically important to remember.


#1 – Dance like nobody’s watching

No shame in the dance game! Maybe you are a disco queen or a fool on the dance floor, but who cares?! Whip out what you’ve got when your favorite jam comes on.


#2 – Stop hatin’ on each other

Women are jealous, catty humans to one another, but we must ban together! It is useless to waste energy on being envious if a girl has a better job or better butt than you. Most of the time, they are probably thinking the exact same thing. Picking each other apart will never help make a new friend.


#3 – Masturbation isn’t just for dudes

What better way to get in touch with yourself than to actually touch yourself! Women are beautiful creatures and no one knows your body better than you. Stroke around and see what you discover.


#4 – If your friend is wearing an ugly outfit, tell her.

Most times dressing yourself is stressful. Girls have a lot of clothes, but not always the best fashion sense. If your friend is wearing something unflattering, don’t be a bitch and say she looks disgusting. Simply tell her it’s just not working and help to find a different outfit.


#5 – Being alone is okay!

In order to grow, you can’t always depend on others to help you find what you are looking for. ‘Me time’ is the best time, even if it entails watching Netflix alone. Appreciate the time you spend with yourself and learn to love it.


#6 – Girl’s night sleepovers are a must.

Sleepovers in middle school were the best thing in the world!  As adults, why stop? We can still gossip about boys and sing Spice Girls, but WITH WINE! The ability to unload, watch romantic comedies, and get drunk with your girls is the best way to relieve stress.


#7 – Be a good wing-woman

When you hit the town with your ladies, being a good wing-woman is key. Everything from reading a friend’s signal to get her away from a creeper, to distracting a dude’s friend, so your friend and him can hit it off, prove to be important in the wing-woman position. Do it for your friends, and the favor should always be reciprocated. Have each other’s back.


#8 – Your mom has the best advice

Your mother was once a young lassie herself and I’m sure she has stories and tricks up her sleeve. Moms have been around the block and have witnessed more interesting situations than you would like to imagine. They are wise; lend them your ear on some advice and you’ll get some good results.


#9 – Smash double standards

Oh those pesky things! It is not the 1900s anymore, and we have rights! If you want to sleep with someone, then do it! It’s unfortunate that a man can hook up with loads of girls and he is considered ‘The Man,” but if women act similarly, they are sluts and whores. We have the right to be as sexual, powerful, and respected as much as men do. Don’t cry over the name calling because it’s just a bunch of bullshit.


#10 – Remind your ladies you love ’em

Your clan of best friends is the best support system, advice-givers, and damage control center. If not the whole group, your two closest friends have been there for you as much as you have been there for them. Remind those special ladies in your life that you love them! Appreciate each other with all your heart!


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