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An Introvert’s Guide to a Party


If I didn’t have people I loved and I wasn’t an indentured servant to my student loans, the chances are high that I would be a full-fledged hermit woman by now. All I would need is a good cave, a good book, and maybe some Hot Cheetos. Still, somehow, when I receive a social invitation, my first instinct is to say yes. It’s only hours before the event that I realize I’ve made a huge mistake. For fellow introverts, here is my humble hermit advice:


Under-Promise and Over-Deliver

The Greatest Roommate that Ever Sometimes-Did-the-Dishes once advised me to under-promise and over-deliver. Don’t immediately commit, especially if you are prone to bailing last minute. Buy yourself some time by saying, “I’ll let you know by tomorrow.” Nobody likes flakes (unless they’re frosted).

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Arrive with an entourage. With a friend on each shoulder, your ball of dread should not exceed softball-sized. It’s so much easier to deal with discomfort when you have people to support you, or at the very least, to text you while you are standing right next to them.





Put on a happy face. Don’t deflate people around you by being a downer. Do what you need to do to get in the mood: a bubble bath, a shot of Fireball, an inspirational pep talk from your sister.



Put in an Appearance

Know your limit. Obviously, you’re not the life of the party. Just try not to be the death of it. Go, show your face, smile and laugh, and then leave.





There are certainly situations that alcohol does not improve, but this is a PARTY! DRINK!


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