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A Letter to my Younger, Awkward Self


Dear Awkward Teenager,

I’m staring my late-twenties in the face, but I still couldn’t tell you the details of their anatomy. It’s funny how I still manage to daydream the way you do during 4th period only to be awoken by the lunch bell. So much changes, but so much stays the same. Trust me on this, sometimes it’s best to just embrace the unknown as opposed to finding out the answers immediately. Honestly, some questions or prayers will go unanswered for what seems like an eternity, but that’s only in your mind.

You’re making your way through the halls of high school with shoulders that you think are too big, and a bra size that will eventually grow a few cups. Remember how I said some prayers go unanswered for a while? Well just know that your boobs will eventually grow into your shoulders. Besides, you don’t want to peak in high school anyway. You’ll appreciate this when you’re my age.

Boys will become men, but they’ll always be boys-at-heart. Does that make sense? Don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t because you still won’t understand them when you grow up. All you really need to know is that they are simpler than we give them credit for and once you accept that, then you can at least allow yourself to sleep at night.

Dating will consist of swiping to the right and surface-level discussions. Technology changed that game and sometimes I don’t know if it was for better or for worse. It’s sad at times, but I tell myself now that I will find someone that stimulates my mind and body. I believe he’s out there and I’ll keep dreaming with the child’s imagination that you gave me.

Get used to the word selfie. I know you’re insecure and scared right now during your tender teenage years, and taking a picture of yourself is the last thing you could imagine, but people do love it. You’ll be confident in your twenties and you won’t be so ashamed of your “man-shoulders” but you still won’t like taking selfies. It’s for the best.

You find crying to be a sign of weakness so you hide your tears the best you can when you get home from school. Not to scare you, but you’ll keep crying. Everyday. But you’ll embrace them and realize that you’re recognizing your feelings. The tears will never stop for reasons I cannot share with you yet, but I swear laughter will follow them and be what wipes them away. You will feel your emotions- every single one of them.

I could go on about what to expect as you get older, but then that would ruin all the fun. Besides, there are still lessons I am trying to learn and experiences I must suffer through as well. What I can tell you is to enjoy each and every awkward moment you go through. You’ll grow into your shoulders and your eyebrows will frame your face. There will be days that you don’t want to look in the mirror, but those moments will pass with the help of make up and perfect lighting.

Your time is the most valuable asset you can offer. Cherish your relationships and make sure to nurture them throughout the years. Have faith that if you dedicate yourself to a goal, the outcome will be what you want and everything will pan out the way it should. Be kind to everyone you meet because everyone, including yourself, is fighting some type of battle. Follow your dreams because they will take you to where you need to go. Most of all, be proud of your story because you are the only one that gets to live it.

Your Older, Awkward Self

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