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Food Dos and Don’ts on a Date


In this generation, dinner dates are very rare now unless you are in a relationship with the person. But, for those who are still firm believers in ’em, join the club. I recently went on a date that was complete crap – all because of what the person was eating. He ordered large wings with tons of sauce and extra ranch on the side. As he bit into the wing, the sauce was in the corner of his mouth and on his upper lip.  He was sucking and licking his fingers; and personally, I think we all should watch what we eat on dates now. Maybe if this wasn’t the first date, I wouldn’t have been so grossed out.

The food you eat basically makes or breaks this date. Here are some don’t’s you should follow:


1. Don’t get anything saturated in garlic if you expect to have face-to-face conversation and/or a kiss afterwards.

2. Don’t use your arm as a sleeve (trust me, it throws off your image).

3. Don’t get something extra spicy, or with tons of beans. We don’t want you struggling before dessert!

4. Don’t order food that could potentially get in your teeth – like spinach.

5. Don’t eat greasy foods.


I’m sure if you are more than comfortable with the person you are on a date with, you will disregard the above. But I think it is something, as adults, that we all have to keep in mind. We want to be approachable when it comes to dates. You should never appear to be messy or a hog. You should always want to impress not disappoint your date. Here are some do’s to keep in mind:



1. Do stick to easy foods like salad or soup you can eat with ease.

2. Do eat the bread when it comes to the table, but only one roll.

3. Stick to foods you can cut with a knife and fork – steak, salmon, etc.

4.  Do sip, not slurp.

5. Do try to eat everything you ordered without overeating.


When on a dinner date for the first few times, you want to stay collected. God forbid you fall apart at the table due to the spaghetti that fell all over your shirt, or the fact that you’ve gotten up from the table a few times to run to the bathroom – stick to the easy and clean meals. The date I had was it for me, and I don’t want your date to be it for you all, because of the person’s eating style or what they choose to eat.  Bad breath from food or leftover sauce on someones mouth could ruin it for a lot of people. Save yourself.

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