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Things A Guy is Doing Instead of Texting Me Back

  1. Starting the “I Hate Sara Club” because he clearly hates me. I don’t exactly know what I did, but he totally hates me now. There’s no other explanation.
  2. Showing all his friends my text and laughing at it. “Bro, look at this. This bitch just asked me ‘what’s up.’” “Smfh, these girls are so thirsty, man.”
  3. At the Verizon store trying to fix his phone because he totally wanted to text me back—he really did—but his phone blew up, like literally, not just from my texts.
  4. At the bottom of a pool because that’s where he dropped his phone. Again, he totally wanted to text me back but…yeah, phone in a pool.
  5. Sitting completely oblivious that I was trying to finagle my way into a hangout because somewhere between my phone and his, my text got lost forever in the black hole that is cyberspace. That’s what I get for having a Droid.
  6. Just blatantly ignoring me because, y’know, see #1.
  7. Getting put on ice at the morgue because he was answering my text and driving and crashed into a tree and oh God it’s all my fault isn’t it? Why do I kill everything I love?!
  8. This is why I can’t have nice things.
  9. He’s totally been taking a nap for the past 5 hours. That’s a thing people do.
  10. Screenshotting it and putting it on the internet with some snarky commentary—oh wait, that’s what I would do. Whoops.

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