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2013 in Women’s Fashion


As the New Year begins, it is only fitting to look back at the trends that were most popular in 2013 in womenswear and menswear. Each year, there is a resurgence of a trend that has happened in the past. Fashion is cyclical and although the main concepts do not change- how it inspires different designers does. Runway fashion will, of course, always be an extreme style due to showmanship. The runway gets translated into everyday concepts and pieces that can be worn by the public. The exception is haute couture fashion. Haute couture strictly depends upon the consumer, due to its workmanship and the fact that it is designed specifically for a customer. Haute couture features hand sewing and meticulous techniques that are specific to its area. The quality is far superior to mass production and therefore it is a different caliber than ready to wear. Cyclical trends can be found throughout the ready to wear and couture markets.

This year in womenswear the most popular textiles were metallic knits, denims, and lace. The patterns that dominated these fabrics were florals, graphic prints, and tartan plaids. For those of you not familiar with tartan plaid, Coco Chanel made it historical as a staple in her classic designs. Black and white were the most dominant color schemes used throughout designers and fashion houses. Women’s tuxedo jackets drew inspiration from menswear, along with smoking jackets, and trousers. Leather accentuated jackets were also top sellers this past year and were prevalent on the runway and in the streets. Luxury pieces saw an increase of sales as consumers demanded high quality and status.

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2014 will continue to be popular with smoking jackets and a new jacket trend will emerge- the sports metro jacket. Top trends will include cut outs, digital prints, psychedelic prints, word play, geographical prints, abstract prints, embellishments, and the use of PVC material. Pastels will dominate the collections and will be a nice transition from the contrast that black and white provided. Overall inspirations that designers drew from incorporate the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1980’s, folk fashion, fringe, and boudoir. Boudoir will feature slouchy, loose pants, such as those used for pajamas. Punk will also be prevalent, carrying over the leather, chains, and plaid found this year in fashion.

Ultimately, 2014 will revitalize some of the most iconic fashion trends. How each designer will use inspiration will be interesting to see. Although some trends will only last for a season, others will continue throughout the year. This all depends upon the versatility of a concept and how easily it can be translated each season.


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