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Dressing like a Spring Chick: From Sporty to Stylish


Earlier this year, I wrote about the up and coming trends of 2014. As a much-anticipated spring emerges, I want to go more in-depth about the trends that you will see in women’s clothing this season. Each designer will produce their own version of the trend, but ultimately the overall concept will be the same.


One fabrication that will be prevalent in the spring season will be sheer layers. These layers will be constructed of silks and organzas. Other universally used fabrications will be shiny metallics and translucent designs. These will add more dimension and edge to designs. Embellishments will also be used to add a more personalized and unique impression.

One must also wonder about the general themes for this spring. Among these will be a greater focus on athleticism, tribal inspirations, Hawaiian/tropical prints, and roses.


Athleticism will be seen in bomber jackets, leather jogging pants/shorts, and sporty tees. Sporty spring jackets will highlight the crew neck zip-front with a billowy sleeve. They will most likely be constructed in mesh and silk fabrications.  Another jacket to look out for will include the sleeveless jacket (commonly known as the vest). This coming season, they will be made in prints and solids of both modern and traditional designs. Personally, I have mostly seen them in leather. However, I anticipate designers will branch out and start making them in other materials. Focusing on the overall inspirations designers have used in the past, I predict tribal inspirations to be from Aztec and graphic patterns. Hawaiian and tropical prints will also be featured in tops and bottoms. Roses will make a characteristic comeback. Roses will be seen on garments in both realistic and impressionistic designs.


Major wardrobe staples this season will come in various forms. Coordinated separates, such as a same print in both tops and bottoms, will be meant to be worn together to create a cohesive look. Be careful when you wear these, though, some look extremely awkward together. Even if a designer intends for both to be worn together, take caution: some of these designs can be overkill. The main trend for shirts will be a crisp collared oxford that may have novelty pleats and inserts. Another trend will be crop tops that can be either short or long sleeved. Crop tops can be worn with both high waisted pants and skirts for a stylish appearance. As far as pants are concerned, cropped trousers – those hemmed higher than ankle length – will hit between the knee and ankle. Many designers are now producing jumpsuits (some are definitely cuter than others). As for dresses, the overall hems will reach below-the-knee. This is good news for Kate Middleton since she just got in trouble from the Queen due to her short hems. Also, never forget that accessorizing helps make or break a look.

Hopefully, this will give you a little insight into what to buy and peruse in boutiques or in the mall. Spring collections are being stocked in stores now –  even if the polar vortex is still lingering. I must say, it is slightly awkward seeing Ralph Lauren’s Blue Collection – which features extremely vibrant colors – right now, especially since people are still buying winter coats. Unfortunately, if you are in need of a new coat, the stocks in stores are the last available merchandise. This is because buyers are making more rooms on shelves for spring merchandise and not ordering additional coat styles. However, you might find a few good deals.

These new trends will be well worth wearing once it gets warmer.  As always, if you do not feel amazing and confident in an outfit DO NOT BUY IT. What is stylish today, is gone tomorrow. You need to feel the part in order to look it. If you venture outside your own comfort zone in terms of style, make sure you absolutely love the item (regardless of people’s jealous glares). My advice is to wait out the next six weeks of winter (thanks, Punxsutawney Phil) because these spring fashions trends are going to be refreshing and fun. Let you inner chick shine – whether it be sporty or stylish.


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