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5 Must-Meets on Your First Day in the Office


Your first day of work is a barrage of introductions to people that you will spend eight hours a day, five days a week with until you retire or leave. On your first day, here are the five people you will want to spend some extra time with, smile a little bigger with, and make a bigger impression upon.

1. The Janitor

Ha ha, right? No. This is not a joke. The janitor is perhaps your most important new friend in the office. On your first day, your chaperone might not think to introduce you to the clean-keeper of the office. But it is important that you introduce yourself, if not the first day, then on your first opportunity. The janitor might be tasked more menial duties like cleaning he floors and taking out the trash, but the janitor also has a key to almost every room. Next time you are running late and forgot your keys, you’ll be glad you made the introduction. The janitor is also a great escape from talking over the stresses of everyday work duties. He or she is also in charge of keeping your workspace clean and will be sure to keep up your spot if you’re enjoyable.

SCRUBS -- Pictured: Neil Flynn as The Janitor -- NBC Photo: Mitchell Haaseth

2. The Office Manager

The office manager is the all-encompassing person whose duties include some bit of every department. He usually answers and directs phone calls, receives packages, orders supplies for the office, keeps meeting schedules, and books out conference rooms. By making a good impression on the office manager, he will work harder for you. The next time you need to reserve a conference room, the office manager just might put in that request a little bit earlier. The next time he is ordering office supplies, he might just take your request more seriously.

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3. Your Boss’s Boss

Depending on the depth chart, it is well worth knowing the chain of command in your new office and going one step above your immediate overseer. If you are ever having trouble with your boss or think that you have an idea that isn’t getting heard, you can feel comfortable going a step higher. This will also keep your boss on his or her toes to treat you fairly knowing that his or her boss has some level of awareness of who you are.

office boss

4. Your Local Barista

Outside of the office, your local barista can be a great escape from the monotony of work. She can also be a great tool for work. Chances would have it that, like most jobs, you will have a lot of meetings – with your fellow employees, clients and potential clients. When you walk into your coffee shop of choice for the meeting and the barista recognizes your by first name, whoever you are meeting with will see immediately that you have a good, friendly personality. Plus, a good cup of coffee before a hard day is priceless.

office barista

5. Someone from the opposite gender

There are a lot of reasons to make good with the opposite gender in your workplace. First, for as far as equality has come, there are still dividing lines between men and women in the workplace. Girls still blame guys for being misogynists. Guys still blame girls for being moody. It goes on. By deliberately crossing that bridge, you set yourself up to avoid any ridiculous gender accusations. Second, office romance is a thing. It never hurts to have someone on your interested gender have your back on making introductions, getting drinks, and kick starting something relationship

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