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24 Signs that Coffee is the Great, Star-Crossed Love of your Life



1. Watching your coffee pot fill up in the morning is so beautiful it moves you to tears (it’s the miracle of life)
2. You wouldn’t wish decaf on your worst enemy.

3. There is a special place in hell for people who try and lecture you on “the dangers of caffeine.”

Fuck ya
4. You want to punch anyone who drinks lattes, caramel macchiatos, or anything of that sort and has the AUDACITY to call it coffee.

aw hell naw
5. You will always sacrifice a couple extra minutes of sleep to make coffee for yourself in the morning.

6. Going to the K-cup section of Bed, Bath, and Beyond is a religious experience.



7. Your barista knows you by name and order.

Now that's love

Now that’s love


8. Your family members knew EXACTLY what they were getting you for graduation.

9. Your room literally ALWAYS smells like coffee. And that is the best thing ever.

10. When someone asks if you want to get coffee, your day improves tenfold.

11. You feel superior to people who say “I’m so tired, I need some coffee,” and then get a small cup.

so many idiots

12. ….Because your relationship with coffee is much more sacred than that.

13. …And you would NEVER tarnish that relationship by getting a small.

14. Spending money on coffee=much more important than spending money on food.

I own you
15. Your friends are flabbergasted by the amount of coffee you drink. You’re flabbergasted that your friends are such pussies.

WTF man
16. You will never turn down free coffee. Turn down for what?

Turn down for what
17. You’re definitely not above that delicious French vanilla creamer.

French vanilla

This is really important.


18. Irish Coffee is proof that a higher power really is up there.

Coffee? AND Booze? Amen.

Coffee? AND Booze? Amen.

19. You have the coffee shop you go to every day and the coffee shop you go to on special occasions.

20. The waiter should KNOW if they ask if you’d like coffee after your meal.

Please, and thank you.

Please, and thank you.

21. Your friends know this will be on your wedding registry.

French press
22. You cry tears of joy when you see a medical article that states coffee is good for you.

Tears of joy



23. …and you blatantly ignore any piece of slander that say coffee is bad for you.

24.Lastly, you know that no matter what life throws at you, Coffee will always have your back.



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