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5 Easy Pumpkin Recipes for your Thanksgiving Feast


Thanksgiving is upon us, and while your mother is obsessing over the green bean casserole and complaining that the stuffing didn’t come “just right”, you’re mentally preparing for the day. From the hangover your already dreading after tonight’s #TGE parties, to the food coma that will follow the feast, to the prodding questions about your love life and future from your great Aunt Betty. But why not spice up your Thanksgiving this year (no pun intended) with some simple and quick pumpkin-themed treats that are sure to be crowd pleasers.

As #basic as it might be, there is no better time or holiday to whip out the pumpkin spice goodies then Thanksgiving.

Here are some easy-peasy recipes for you to try, so you can now say you contributed to the holiday, while subtly plugging your pumpkin addiction onto your extended family.

pumpkin muffins

Recipe: i heart naptime

Pumpkin Muffins

You’re about to have a huge feast for dinner. A light breakfast on Thanksgiving morning of mini pumpkin muffins and mimosas is all you need. Add in some chocolate chips, nuts or dried cranberries to really get festive. Warm and toasty out of the oven, slab on some butter and you’ll be ready to start the day.

pumpkin cookies

Recipe: Panini Happy

Pumpkin Drop Cookies

A seasonal twist on your chocolate chip cookies, these desserts are the perfect combination of sweet and spice. If your family aren’t huge pumpkin fans, then this recipe is a good way to introduce them to it. Slightly pumpkin but full of chocolate chips and real sugar, you’ll want to pop them like candy. Plus these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are as simple as 1. Mix 2. Drop 3. Bake. 4. Eat.

pumpkin cake

Recipe: Gonna Want Seconds

Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake

This recipe couldn’t be easier than yellow cake mix (from a box) plus pumpkin puree.  The cinnamon glaze is optional, but really makes the presentation that much better. So when your guests think that you’ve slaved over this decadent, moist cake all morning, just go with it.

pumpkin cheesecake

Recipe: Natasha’s Kitchen

Pumpkin Cheesecake

This will definitely “wow” the crowd tomorrow. Cream cheese and pumpkin, what more could you really ask for? With a graham cracker crust and variety of topping options, like caramel sauce or toasted pecans, this recipe will be your new pumpkin favorite. Plus, it’s a pretty simple cheesecake recipe, so even those who don’t know their way around a kitchen could do it.

pumpkin pie

Recipe: Martha Stewart

Pumpkin Pie

The Thanksgiving classic. Just a few ingredients (seven to be exact, especially if you buy pre-made crust. We won’t tell.) and a wooden spoon are all you really need to make your family proud this Thanksgiving. Beware, make this once and you might be required to bake it every year moving forward. Serve warm and topped with some vanilla ice cream, even your Grandma will be saying she #Can’tEven.

Whether you care to impress your guests or not, these pumpkin spice desserts are delicious and will make great additions to your plate tomorrow night. You baked it, so you get the biggest helping, right?


Happy Thanksgiving!

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