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#MCM: Jake McDorman


It’s that time again ladies. Mondays suck, but here is one sexy man to follow on Instagram to make them a little bit better. His name is Jake McDorman. 

-Jake McDorman-

Twitter: @JakeMcDorman

Instagram: jake_mcdorman

Vine: JakeMcDorman

Known for: His television acting career, love for his cat, and irresistible smile.  

-Jake is currently residing in Los Angeles, and has recently popped up on the Showtime show Shameless, where he stars as Fiona’s new boyfriend. If you don’t watch Shameless, then you are doing something wrong in the first place, because it is amazing. But Jake is definitely a reason to tune in as well. He was also on the show Greek (which ended in 2011, and I wish it never did), as a frat boy that you eventually learn to love. I suggest you check out his Vine page as well, because he makes adorable videos with his cat Mr.Boo. We heart you Jake.

Here’s a preview of Jake for you…with a bonus video.

Come back next Monday for our next #MCM. Until then have a great MLK day and drink to dreams.

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