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I Know It’s A Stretch…But What If?


Humans, as a species, are so unbelievably different from one another.  Each of us is unique, so much so that we can never predict how any one person will react in a given situation. Now, some might say that this doesn’t mean anything but I’m starting to think it might.


Life and Death

Every living thing on Earth makes decisions based upon instinct.  Humans have evolved to the point that our “instinct” is no longer our sole reasoning to the choices we make.  We are consciously aware that, one day, we are going to die.  I don’t know if any other creature knows that.  We understand the beauty of life and that we exist among the vastness of the universe, which is a pretty amazing and impressive thing.  But, with this knowledge comes an immense responsibility.


Are We Alone?

We want to believe that there is another form of intelligent life in the universe besides us.  Another living thing that has the same understanding of life’s fragility and death’s permanence, and frankly it’s absolutely possible!  The universe is so massive that the probability of multiple intelligent life forms is very likely.  However, since we can only speculate on this, we must also accept that we, quite possibly could be the ONLY living things that understand that life (at least in this physical world) is not guaranteed. It is beautifully finite.

Now, I don’t know if I’m right – but if I am, humanity has been given a gift so powerful that we not only have a responsibility to do something about it, but it might very well be the purpose of our existence…to become the care-givers and protectors of all living things, not just here but throughout the universe.



Lesson Learned

Mankind’s existence on Earth has, to this point, been that of ignorance and personal advancement, and honestly it was needed.  We’ve learned how to become masters of our environment and have established ourselves as the undisputed “rulers” of all living and nonliving things.  We have proved, time and time again, that nothing on this planet is capable (to our knowledge) of causing the end of our humanity.  The negative to learning this important lesson is that we’ve also proven that we can destroy ecosystems and even entire species with a careless use of our power.

If we continue on this same path, all known life in this universe will parish on our crash course with the self-inflicted extinction of our own species, coincidentally never achieving humanities higher purpose.  And purpose is what makes life worth living.


You Have A Purpose

Each one of us has purpose, which is why each one of us is unique.  Do not think, for a second, that you are not meant to be here just because you don’t know why.

Our purpose’s in life are not easily revealed to us.  We may never come to know what our purpose is before we die, but that’s okay! Every single person who has ever lived impacted someone alive today.  Our relatives, all the way back to the beginning of humanity had to have done exactly everything they did for you to be here.  They had to work the job they had, endure the hardships they faced and ultimately, procreate with the person they did AT THAT EXACT MOMENT for conception to take place.  Every single thing leading up to your birth, including the Big Bang, had to have happened precisely the way it did for you to be here.



Now, It’s Your Turn

Your life, your purpose on Earth might solely be for the benefit of someone else and that’s a hard pill to swallow, that a minor interaction in a single day could be what we were meant for.  But, that tiny moment could very well be the spark that changes the course of history.  If humanity’s true purpose of existence is to care for and protect all living things across the universe, then every human leading up to that day helped make that happen and we can feel comfort in that.

Life is amazing, being conscious of life is beyond words.  Listen to your heart, it will lead you to your purpose.  Do things that improve other people’s lives as well as your own.  Dream big. Never give up.  Everything that happens to you is for a reason.  Accept that life is not meant to be easy and know that you are only dealing with the things that you are because you’re fully equipped to overcome them…you are expected to overcome them.  The lowest points in our lives give birth to the people we’ll become and the people we were always meant to be.


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