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Stop Hating on the Selfie


Ah…the selfie.  The selfie’s gotten a ton of grief ever since the good ol’ Myspace days.  As social media sites like Instagram continue to grow in popularity, the selfie is more commonplace than ever before—and yet, the subject of much hate and controversy. Well, I’m fed up with all this selfie hate and it turns out that I’ve got a few choice words for all you selfie-bashers out there.

We live in a world that’s constantly trying to convince us that we’re ugly just so it can sell us shit.  I don’t know about you, but I have issues with little girls suffering from minor chemical burns all because they were too busy obsessing over their appearance just to feel pretty like the hot bikini-clad girl in the Nair commercial.

Not the recommended usage.

Not the recommended usage.

With that said, it’s refreshing to see folks of all genders, ages, and sizes indulging in a little (or a lot) of self-love.  We’re a culture too obsessed with altering ourselves and too many people fall prey to beauty and body-related disorders when they don’t feel like they made the pretty cut.  So I raise you this challenge, you selfie-bashers out there:  quit raining on everyone’s parade in this self-congratulating proclamation of “anti-narcissism” and spread love, not hate.  Promote some self-love and body positivity the next time you catch yourself groaning at yet another selfie on your IG feed and just cut it out with the modesty argument already.  Appreciate the courage it takes to feel  pretty in a world constantly trying to convince you that you need physical “improvement.”  Do not shame the selfie!  You feel cute today?  Awesome.  You feel like taking pictures of yourself and sharing it on Instagram?  Great!  You feel like bashing on someone’s pretty-party because you’re too cool and different to participate in the selfie-trend?  You’re an asshole.

Strut your stuff but don’t trap women in your basement à la Buffalo Bill.

Strut your stuff but don’t trap women in your basement à la Buffalo Bill.

Take a leap in the right direction and join the body positivity revolution.  Double-tap that shit the next time you catch yourself rolling your eyes at your friend’s umpteenth selfie.  Don’t be one of those “oh I’m so cool because I don’t have a single selfie on my Instagram”-types.  Nobody cares and nobody is going to throw confetti at you to congratulate you.

...except maybe Britney, bitch.

…except maybe Britney, bitch.

Take a selfie and let the love flow.   Here’s some cool new hashtags for you to use so you can help spread the love.  Thank me later. #endselfieshamingnow #shamelessselfappreciationpost.



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