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5 Dudes In Entertainment You Should Listen To


Adam Carolla

The Ace Man is the most practical person I’ve ever heard speak. Adam is a broadcaster, comedian, father, husband, and life veteran. He is a champion for extreme common sense. If you haven’t seen his movie, The Hammer, check it out. I got into him when he did Love Line back in the day with Dr. Drew and if you didn’t know, they do a new podcast together called The Adam and Dr. Drew Show… basically Love Line Part 2 but better because it’s more of their opinions and they release new shows all the time.


Howard Stern

I am a devoted follower of Howard Stern. If you have a formulated opinion on Howard, you probably don’t listen to The Howard Stern Show… He is the greatest interviewer that has ever existed. The Howard Stern Show blows all other news, late night, or topical media shows out of the water. It’s no contest. The show is unique and he truly is the King of All Media. Howard has honest conversations with people. He has the ability to connect with people we think we know on a whole other level. You will hear things on Stern that you won’t hear anywhere else and once you listen to Stern… you realize that all other media is bs-showy-filler. Listen to something real and check out The Howard Stern Show.


Dr. Drew Pinsky

The Ace Man’s right hand man… Dr. Drew. He keeps it real and loves to play devil’s advocate in any conversation. I appreciate his medical experience and his opinion that practicing medicine ought to rely on instinct, experience, and innovation at times rather than what is the norm. He recognizes the fact that we live in an ever-changing world. You have to push against the status quo every once and a while to figure out what should come next. Also a family man, Dr. Drew has great perspective on various topics and is a calming voice to hear.


Joe Rogan

This dude is talented. He’s a stand-up, broadcaster, health nut, genuine dude, and father. Joe Rogan is the reason I got into sensory deprivation tanks. He is the reason I am somewhat into the UFC. I’m a sports fan, but was never into MMA. Joe Rogan speaks his mind when he broadcasts and that makes watching the sport waaaaayyyy more interesting. He also does The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. This podcast can go on for anywhere between 1 to 4 hours and that is because he can hold an audience. He has the ability to engage his guests in topics that we’re all interested in. It is refreshing how open-minded he is about all subject matter.


Shane Smith

VICE – That is the media company that this guy started. It was originally a counter culture type of magazine, but now it is taking over the Internet and the rest of media. Shane Smith has brought in the moment unbiased journalism to the world. VICE covers “news” the way it should be covered. Shane is also super well grounded, a father, a down to earth Canadian, and a whiskey lover. Epic, right? He pretty much is my dream boss running my dream company. Follow VICE and learn about some cool things that are happening in the world and some not so cool things that the rest of the media likes to ignore.

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