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I Don’t Like Us Better When We’re Wasted


I don’t listen to the radio often, but today I felt the urge to listen to some top 40 hits. TGIF, ya know? I caught wind of the new Tiesto song, “Wasted.” Or maybe it’s not new, I don’t know what’s on the radio these days. But anyways. I started listening to this song and I mean REALLY listening and all I could think was how every statement in this song is so wrong. So let me break it down for you.


1. “I like it better when we’re wasted”:

Um….why? Wasted people are annoying. They’re a mess and can’t get anything done together except maybe order pizza. And they don’t make sense.



2. “It makes it easier to fake”:

Why the hell are you faking it in the first place? If someone sucks, tell them. Communication is key, people.


3. “The only time we really talk is when our clothes are coming off“:

Wow. You have a REALLY shitty relationship then. One, why are you talking during that moment anyways? Shut up and savor it. Two, wtf, learn to communicate on a regular basis. It’s really not that hard.


4. “Lay all your laundry on the bed and then I’ll lay in it instead“:

OMG NO. This is the most IRRITATING part of this song. And they repeat it about 10 times. I hate doing laundry, it’s so annoying. So if I actually take the time to do laundry, I’m going to take the time to fold it. No one likes wrinkly clothes. I would be SO PISSED if someone just rolled around in my freshly cleaned laundry. Like, WTF are you doing? I spent so long folding my clothes! One, you’re wasted, so you probably smell. You’re getting your nasty drunk self all over my clothes. This would be so irritating. What would anyone want this? WHY.

And then the song rambles on more nonsense about how annoying the person is yet “I could stand you one more night.” How does this make sense? Is this supposed to be romantic and cute? If I find someone extremely irritating the last thing I want to do is spend time with them. Especially if they’re wasted. I really, really don’t understand this song.



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