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Girl Gets Her Wisdom Teeth Pulled and Confesses Every White Girl Fantasy


Last week an amazing YouTube video graced the world with its presence. Basically, homegirl just got her wisdom teeth out (ouch) and is still loopy from the anesthesia (ughh jealous). This video was a compilation of vines she posted, that have sense been deleted… but the short clips have become a short film, that will be featured in the Sundance film festival because it is that good. Kidding- but honestly this shit is amazing. She has just expressed every white-girl fantasy in 30 seconds… I mean we were all thinking it- but she said it!

She confesses to her mom all of her deepest secrets, that I, myself, have felt on a daily basis. In 30 seconds this girl was able to spill my secrets too!


“Look how hawt my doctor is– so hawt” 


Wait did you see her doctor though? So #HAWT.


“Mommy… I want to have sex with Ryan Gosling”


Preaching to the choir girl.


“I want white dick. I want to fuck white dick” 


Just to re-emphasize having sex with Ryan Gosling. Point noted girl.


“I want to be a Kardashian, please help me” 


Umm who doesn’t?! Book deals, clothing lines, make-up lines, custom louboutin shoes, european vacation just cuz… 1 order of #KIMYE for me please. (Although she will probably need to change her opinion of what kind of “dick” she wants–As the Kardashian saying goes “once you go black you never go back.” #duh.)


“Is this what marijuana feels like…? Because I don’t like it” 


These feelings will change with age my friend…but nice cover up with your mom there.


I hope she fulfills her dreams, not only for herself, but for every other awkward-white-girl that needs to get laid out there.

I mean you have to watch it again…


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