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The Next Green States


21 states and the District of Columbia have either decriminalized marijuana or legalized its medicinal use.

Who’s next?

Quinnipiac University released a study that found 88% of Floridians are in favor of medical marijuana so long as it is used in accordance with a doctor. Florida will vote on an amendment, Florida’s Question 2, this coming November. The vote requires 60% to pass.

In Florida, cannabis possession is slightly decriminalized but the sale, transportation, or cultivation of the drug remain illegal.

If Florida votes to legalize medical marijuana, look for them to continue with the trend of decriminalization across the board. The Quinnipiac study also found that 53% of Floridians approve of allowing adults to posses small amounts of cannabis for personal use. links to the complete Quinnipiac University study here.

Alaska has decriminalized cannabis across the board, but they too are voting on further cannabis legislation this November.

The vote is to allow small amounts of the drug for recreational use. This would be similar to states like Colorado and Washington. It was supposed to be voted on this summer, but it has been pushed back to November.

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