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Keep an Eye Out for the Carbonaro Effect


I love Impractical Jokers. That hilarious show is pretty much the reason I watch Tru TV…well, other than the first rounds of March Madness, of course. So while viewing Impractical Jokers the last few weeks, I’d been noticing a few previews for a show that looked kindasorta intriguing: The Carbonaro Effect

After seeing these brief trailers for the show, I was interested enough that I decided to watch the full 20-minute pilot that Tru TV broadcast on April Fools Day. But make no mistake – Michael Carbonaro and his upcoming show are no joke. The Carbonaro Effect follows its titular magician as he performs incredible tricks on people…Simple enough, and hardly a unique idea, right? Not so much. Instead of acting like an attention whore while performing his tricks, a la David Blaine, Carbonaro fuses his magic with the same sort of prankster-minded fun that makes Impractical Jokers great. After only 20 minutes of viewing, I’m hooked. The Carbonaro Effect doesn’t officially debut until May 15th, but after watching the following clips, I think I won’t be alone in hoping that day gets here soon.

The Carbonaro Effect 

And if you feel like watching the whole pilot episode, here you go!

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