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50 Things I’ve Realized As I Grow Up


I’m getting to the point of my life where I slowly think I have everything figured out. Every day I learn something new about my past or my present and I create mental lists of what to keep note of, what to never do again, or what to make sure I do next time. Since I am a hopeless romantic and a deep-thinker when it comes to life, here are 50 things I have learned:


1. Everybody turns out to be who they said they wouldn’t be

2. High School boyfriends/girlfriends/flings/FWBs don’t matter

3. What happened a year ago doesn’t matter

4. Second chances usually call for third chances as well

5. Cheaters never prosper

6. Patience is a virtue when it comes to occupations and relations

7. Mommy and Daddy won’t always hold your hand

8. Having 20 best friends isn’t realistic

9. Hard work only pays off when it’s constant

10. Money is the motive

11. Money doesn’t grow on trees

12. Your own happiness should be more important than anything else

13. Having dreams are a necessity to leading your life in a good direction

14. It’s impossible to lead a life vicariously through Pinterest and Tumblr

15. Guys/girls you meet at the bar could actually be worth the night…and nights afterwards

16. Giving yourself away to someone at the bar usually ends bad

17.You need to get your priorities straight before you have fun

18. Weekdays aren’t always meant for play

19. Happiness is a journey

20. Bad times don’t last

21. You need to fall in love with being alone before you can fall in love with someone else

22. Rules are made to be broken

23. Risks always need to be taken to get the reward

24. Looks aren’t everything when it comes to finding a partner

25. Most people are shallow when it comes to finding a partner

26. People will f*ck you over…a billion and one times

27. Many times, you will find that you’re your own best friend

28. Forgiving is essential, forgetting isn’t

29. Politics are going to be talked about more the older you get, and if you don’t understand them it sucks

30. Gas is extremely expensive, ride a bike instead

31. You will be looked down upon if you ride a bike

32. Half of your old friends are into drugs and half aren’t

33. It is not acceptable to wear sweatpants every day of your life

34. The “party” life isn’t necessarily the best life

35. “Beer before liquor makes you sicker” is false

36. Treasure your family…every. day.

37. Always think and plan ahead

38. Alcohol and late-night eating does add up

39. Your parents or your guardians are the people you should be thanking the most

40. Creeping on social media is not OK but is totally necessary

41. Job interviews, resumes and such should always be taken seriously and truthfully

42. You should always live the life you’ve imagined

43. Be the real you, or forever be bound to some sort of chains

44. You’ll never look like a Victoria’s Secret model

45. Be mature, but never let go of your silliness.

46. Always do what’s best for you and don’t worry about the rest

47. History repeats itself

48. Age is just a number after you turn 18

49. Dating websites are common and should be utilized

50. Life goes by- extremely fast

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